How to Write an Report Introduction - 2 Exampal

How to Write an Report Introduction

It is the summary in brief of the incident or conversation happened in pear past along with all the minute details or It is a statement about something heard, seen or done.

How to Write an Report Introduction - Report Writing Example for Students

For instance, a college or a business establishment prepares its annual report. 

2. A réport can be orally communicated but a written report is preferred for the sake of clarity, authenticity and precision. The written report is a written communication from cne person to another

3. To maintain clarity and precision a report must be written in simple langea a conversation is to be reported in writing, the actual word of the conversation should be pasn

4. A report is usually written in the reported speech but a significant statement made by a person may be reported as it is.

5. The simplest form of report writing is to report conversation, especially conversation on telephone. Let us read the following conversation between Anil and Suryansh :

Anil : May I speak to Asmi ? 
Suryansh : l'm afraid he is out, can I take your message ? 

Anil : Well, this is Anil here. I was wondering whether Manish be free this evening. I am going to the new film at a Raj Talkies.

I'd like him to come with me, when will he be back ?

Suryansh : He won't be long. He has just gone to buy a book. I don't think he is doing any thing in the evening.

Anil : Well, its I'll be reaching the Talkies at 5.30, Can you tell him to meet me there ?

Suryansh : Yes, I'll tell him. Good bye ! Anil : Good bye ! Thank you.

6. Suryansh put down the message for Asmi in the following words and went to his college.

Report : Anil telephoned at 4 o'clock while you were out. He wanted to know whether you would be free this evening.

He is going to see the new film at the Raj Talkies I told him that you were free in the evening. He said he would reach, the talkies at 5:30 and wait for you there.

Report Writing Example for Students

1. Write a report on "Your first day in college".

I came across with the fantastic experience of my life never achieved before.

My conception was quite different comparing to school life with little scare I went to college and saw so many unknown faces and some known who attract me to be a part of their group.

Now we were free from school uniform, but we have to use ID card, my teachers behavior was so good and co-operative made me confident to come to college regularly,

their affection, style of teaching neglected ragging, sharing life ideas with motivation brought a drastic change in my life.

I started new chapter of my life that day. From that day my life was about to take turn to successive world.

2. Write a report on 'annual day programmer' or 'the annual function and prize distribution' of your college.

Our students union after successfully completing all its activities for the year, decided to celebrate the annual function of our college.

The secretary, for C.G. Govt. Higher education was invited to inaugurate the social gathering. He was kind enough to accept our invitation and assured us to be present in our college at the given date and time.

At last that day arrived when all the students of our college were waiting very eagerly because they had an opportunity to give an exposure to their cultural calibre on the stage.

Chief- guest had arrived as per given time and inaugurated the annual function of our college.

In his inaugural speech he first thanked the Principal of our college as well the President of the union who had invited him on this occasion, further he asked the student's union what are the schemes. They have implemented for helping the poor students.

Have they completely resolved to eradicate the evil of the use of unfair means in the University examination.

Finally, he wished a bright future for the students. After the social gathering there was programme of prize distribution.

All the outstanding students in different competitions like debate, elocution, group discussion, just a minute etc. were awarded a prize by the chief-guest.

Apart from this separate competitions were arranged for girls like rangoli, painting, greeting cards making etc. They too took part with great enthusiasm.

They were also awarded prize for outstanding performance. Students who proved best in academic field were also awarded.

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