You Can Win ₹100 Cashback On Google Pay Go India Nainital City Event, You Give 7 Questions And You are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 .

Nainital City Event Date:

This Go India Nainital Event Will Take Place From 12th December to 14th December 2020 In Google Pay App Go India Game. Google Have Already Extended The Go India Game Upto 26th December 2020.

Visit Nainital City On Google Pay Go India Game

Step 1 : Go to Go India Offer Page on Google Pay and Tap on Nainital Event

Step 2 : Tap on Nainital Event and Share to get 1 Nainital free

Step 3 : Go to Tickets section and Gift the ticket you got so that you are left with ticket.

You Can Earn Goa City Tickets By Following Tasks In Google Pay Go India Game

  • Recharge Any Prepaid Plan
  • Scan Google Pay QR Codes
  • Buy Gold
  • Pay On MakeMyTrip
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay For Google Play Recharge Code
  • Share Go India Map or City Photo Daily

Go India Nainital Event City All Quiz Answers :

  1. 200-250
  2. Asiatic Lion
  3. Kumaon
  4. Kaziranga
  5. Ram Ganga
  6. All Of These
  7. Never Ever Share Your UPI PIN

Nainital Event All Questions And Answers

Question 1 – How Many Tigers are there in Jim Corbett National Park?

Answer  – 200 – 250

Question 2 – What is the Famous animal to see at the Gir National Park?

Answer  – Asiatic Lion

Question 3 – Which Himalayan mountain ranges surround Nainital?

Answer  – Kumaon

Question 4 – Which of the Following lakes are around Nainital?

Answer  – All of These

Question 5 – Which sanctuary in India is Known for one horned rhinoceros?

Answer  – Kaziranga

Question 6 – What was the name of the Jim Corbett National Park earlier?

Answer  – Ram Ganga

Question 7 – WYou got a call from a tour operator giving you a great deal on a jungle safari. He is asking for your UPI PIN to make a booking on your behalf. You Should :

Answer  – Never ever share your UPI PIN

You need to 5 Correct Answers Here are all Correct Answers and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket using this Quiz.

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